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ADVANTAGES OF MEDIATIONFamily Law mediation divorce Lawyer Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Toronto

  1. Usually mediation saves you money compared to going to court or pursuing lawyer-assisted negotiation.

  2. Mediation is usually a faster process for resolving conflict than court action or lawyer-assisted negotiation.  Mediation dates can generally be arranged within a few weeks.  There is no requirement to wait for months for a court date.  Most disputes are resolved in one or two sessions.

  3. Faster resolution and reduced conflict means less stress, fewer sleepless nights, and less emotional pain.

  4. You participate in the resolution of your dispute, which is better than having a judge impose a solution no one likes.

  5. Participants have more freedom to craft their own custom solutions to their problems, which can be far more creative than what a judge might order.

  6. Reduced conflict is better for the children and enables parties to be better parents.

  7. Participants are more satisfied with mediated solutions, as they feel they have been heard, understood and involved.  They are also more likely to uphold mediated agreements.

  8. Mediation is less adversarial than litigation.  It keeps conflicts from escalating and preserves your relationship with the other party.

  9. Mediation is private and confidential.  Mediation sessions take place in private, not in the open courtroom.  The details of the dispute are not available on the public record.

  10. Parties choose their schedule - when and where to mediate.  Courts never provide such flexibility.

  11. Research indicates that settlements reached in family mediation are longer lasting and better protect the interests of the children than those imposed by the court in an adversarial process.

  12. Parties choose their mediator, whereas in court, they have no choice of who judges their case.